.NET Licensing

Frictionless copy protection for .NET

No need to buy a copy protection library and an activation server separately.

With LicenseSpot, you just pay for the activation server and the protection library comes free.

All Included
LicenseSpot includes all the needed components to protect your application: licensing library, activation component and activation server. No need to buy them separately.
License Delivery
Automatically deliver serial numbers to customers when the license is created. You have full control of the email content to suit your needs.
Customer Management
Manage your customer information in one place with LicenseSpot. Know what serial number and what product and version a customer has for better support. No need to have license files all over the place.
Seamless payment

Payment Integration

Generate licenses automatically with Stripe and FastSpring


Online Activation

  • LicenseSpot handles every aspect of online activation for your software application. It generates the serial number a provides a set of APIs that you can integrate into your application. The activation can be attached to hardware so it is locked and cannot be moved.
Configurable Rules
Subscriptions, trial, feature limits or hardware lock. Enfore your business rules without writing code change rules on the fly without recompiling your application.
Hardware Lock
Lock licenses and applications to local computers and prevent sharing of your application without proper rights.
Revoke Licenses
If a license has been compromised you can revoke the activation and invalidate the product remotely protecting your intellectual property.

See what our satisfied customers are saying

"Your licensing system is awesome! I like it very much, and I'll definitively pursue using it as long as my software or any other product i may create would need a license system"
Philippe Lang| CEO of Tindev