WPF StackPanel

Jose Leon

he StackPanel is a layout control that allows you to organize controls one beside the other or one below the other. You can select the orientation by using the Orientation attribute on the element. Many other controls use the StackPanel internally to layout controls like the Menu, ComboBox or ListBox.

Below you can check a simple example:

           One            Two            Three            Four            Five

Horizontal Stacking

If you want to stack the items inside the panel horizontally, you just have to set the Orientation attribute in the element to Horizontal like in the sample below:

           One            Two            Three            Four            Five

Add padding to the StackPanel

If you want to add some padding to StackPanel, you can combine it with the Border control and then add the padding to the Border element as shown in the XAML markup below:

           One            Two            Three            Four            Five


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