• Overview quick start guide

    Quick start guides

    Quickly getting started with LicenseSpot:


    Create a key pair

    Create a product

    Create a license template

    Configure template limits

    Create a new customer … more

  • Activation and license saving

    Activation and license saving

    To activate a license you just need a serial number. The licensing component will communicate with the licensespot.com server and activate the license. It … more

  • License validation

    License validation

    Validating a license is as simple as three lines of code. Generally you'd check for if a license is valid when the program starts:


    using SkyXoft. … more

  • Embedding runtime.lic

    Embedding runtime.lic

    The runtime.lic contains the private code necessary to validate that a license is valid. It will also validate the license hasn't been altered in any way. The runtime. … more

  • Add a reference to IPManager

    Add a reference to IPManager

    IPManager is the licensing component that does most of the validation work for you. Also includes methods that connects to licensespot.com API reducing the … more

  • Create a test license

    Create a test license

    The license is what give the user the right to use the application. Generally is file containing information but can also be just a serial number for applications … more

  • Create a new customer

    Create a new customer

    Customer represents an end user using your product. To create a customer select the Customers link on the top menu and click on Add a new Customer:


    Type a … more

  • Configure template limits

    Configure template limits

    Limits define restrictions you want to apply to licenses. You define limits for each license template.


    To configure limits click on the limits number on … more

  • Create a license template

    Create a license template

    License templates define what specific options and restrictions to apply to licenses. For each product, you'd create a template for trial and a template for … more

  • Create a product

    Create a product

    The next is creating a product. Each product has multiple versions. This will allow you to track sales and licenses by product version. Also you can use the version … more