• Activation and license saving

    Activation and license saving

    To activate a license you just need a serial number. The licensing component will communicate with the licensespot.com server and activate the license. It … more

  • License validation

    License validation

    Validating a license is as simple as three lines of code. Generally you'd check for if a license is valid when the program starts:


    using SkyXoft. … more

  • Embedding runtime.lic

    Embedding runtime.lic

    The runtime.lic contains the private code necessary to validate that a license is valid. It will also validate the license hasn't been altered in any way. The runtime. … more

  • Add a reference to IPManager

    Add a reference to IPManager

    IPManager is the licensing component that does most of the validation work for you. Also includes methods that connects to licensespot.com API reducing the … more