Activation and license saving

To activate a license you just need a serial number. The licensing component will communicate with the server and activate the license. It will also automatically download the license content for you to save locally for the application to be validated in the future.


using SkyXoft.BusinessSolutions.LicenseManager.Protector;


       public void Activate(string serialNumber)




                   string licenseContent = this.license.Activate(serialNumber);


                   LicenseFile licenseFile = new LicenseFile();

                   licenseFile.Save(System.Reflection.Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location + @"\license.lic");


                   LicenseValidationInfo info = new LicenseValidationInfo();

                   info.LicenseFile = licenseFile;


                  license = ExtendedLicenseManager.GetLicense(typeof(MainForm), this,info);


                  MessageBox.Show("Product Activated");


               catch (Exception ex)