Embedding runtime.lic

The runtime.lic contains the private code necessary to validate that a license is valid. It will also validate the license hasn't been altered in any way. The runtime.lic file is different for each key pair. This means that a license create with a different key pair than the one contained in runtime.lic will fail validation.


You can donwload the runtime.lic file by going to the key pairs screen of the Admin -> Key Pairs and select Download Public Key:



The next step is to embed the file in your Visual Studio project. When validating, IPManager will automatically scan your assembly looking for the runtime.lic file.


To embed the file:


  • Open Visual Studio and then open your project.
  • Right click on the project and select Add Existing Item.
  • Select the runtime.lic file.
  • Click OK.
  • Click on the added file and select Properties.
  • Set the Build Action property to Embedded Resource.
  • Compile the project.