License Management


  • Licenses are stored in a single repository.
  • Search licenses by product and customers.
  • Have users in your company activate licenses and others do the administrative tasks.

LicenseSpot serves as a central repository for your licenses. Search licenses by products and customer to whom the license is assigned. You can create users for your organization and assign them permissions to activate licenses and revoke licenses. You can create unlimited customers and products to track licenses.

License Templates

  • Ready made templates makes license creation a breeze
  • Have trials, activation and other limits already configured with predefined values
  • Limits supported include: trial, beta, subscription and activation

With license templates a predefined set of license values can be configured so when creating a license all fields and limits are created automatically. This feature is very useful when using the API to create licenses. In templates is where you select the limits that apply to certain types of licenses.

Email Triggers

  • Send emails on license creation, activation and revoking
  • Customized email templates with LicenseSpot. Include variables on templates.
  • Examples include: send an email for trials and purchased licenses that includes the serial number.

Email triggers allows you to send email to your customers when a license is created, activated or revoked. If a customer requests a trial from your website, you can send that person the serial number in an email already configured in LicenseSpot. A whole array of variables are available for you to create your email templates.